jueves, 16 de febrero de 2017

Reporting with Dashboard

There is a new way of doing the process to have a report and to finally own it, called Dashboard, that comes to replace traditional techniques. Its clear objective is "to transform the data into information and this into knowledge for the business", says Tristán Elósegui, expert in online marketing.

Dashboard is the way to search for the data needed to make better decision making. Through bar graphs, charts, comparisons, maps and other support elements, the information collected from various sources has a full explanation and representation in every sense.

To elaborate a Dashboard correctly it is not necessary to add data by inertia, but to capture those that will allow a better decision making. It is segmented and given context according to the business so that the people who will receive the reports can interpret them with ease, that is to say, with the same language and with understandable graphs.

As usual, a report has to explain the rationale of what is presented, what will mean for the company and the recommendations to work on them.

With the Dashboard, a company can follow up on its goals, and also sets the basis for making decisions with four steps: the fact, its origin, consequences and recommendations.  

This tool is very helpful for the people in charge of project management, and in MVP Business Strategy we have the experience to collaborate with you in this matter. 

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