lunes, 13 de febrero de 2017

The difficult export panorama of underdeveloped countries

The global export environment is seeing the underdeveloped countries' activity in international trade increasing, a situation that concerns developed countries because this situation does not pay their interests.

However, despite the fact that the underdeveloped have gradually entered, but forcefully, the great export scenario, they have not been able to appropriately use their resources, adding that the investment they make comes from outside their borders, so other countries Are the ones that make the process of marketing their products and therefore the greater profit is not going to stop their costs.

The same international environment makes these countries subsist in inequality, especially if they are part of a free trade agreement because it can both boost their economy and limit their competition to those who have the capacity to supply their products with greater resources.

With this scenario, "dumping" is the negative and disloyal alternative that the underdeveloped resort to, being punished by the WTO. That is why a handful of solutions to these problems can be:
  • Optimize foreign trade to facilitate the development of underdeveloped countries to increase and solve trade.
  • To lay the foundations for the creation of a fair trade where basic goods are provided by the underdeveloped for the fulfillment of the process of transformed goods.
  • That international organizations provide assistance to these countries.
  • That there is economic equilibrium.
  • That the developed do not limit the growth of the underdeveloped and that even give support to its growth in search of mutual benefit.

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